DC Entertainment has confirmed that Barnes & Noble has resumed retailing DC’s line of graphic novel in its stores in the wake of a new deal that makes DC graphic novels available on B&N’s Nook.  Barnes & Noble dropped 100 of DC’s bestselling titles from its stores last October after DC announced an exclusive digital deal for those titles on Amazon’s launching Kindle Fire (see "B&N to DC—It’s On!").

At the time, DC Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing, and Business Development John Rood indicated that the Amazon deal was of limited duration and that negotiations with Barnes & Noble were ongoing (see "DC Execs on October Sales, Part 1").  "We’re excited about their device," Rood said of Amazon’s Kindle Fire.  "Actually more excited about the ecosystem that’s beyond the device, but they are in a device war right now.  We like the offer; it’s exclusive like many offers in entertainment.  But it’s not exclusionary and it’s not ad infinitum.  We are partners with Barnes & Noble; we’re in talks with Barnes & Noble; we want to make news with Barnes & Noble."

The new deal for the Nook includes New 52 collections as well as classics previously exclusive to the Kindle Fire such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Sandman, and Kingdom Come