These photos from Gen Con 2012 can give those that weren't there a feel for the show, and those that were there some memories of what was.  Notable photos in Part 1 include some of the hits from the show.

These two cosplayers were representing for the Genesis Project, they said.

Bushiroad's entrance into the U.S. market in 2012 was too late to get exhibit space to promote its Cardfight Vanguard CCG , but it had sponsorship presence and was running games in the gaming halls.

This Doctor Who booth was packing them in.

The demo tables for Spartacus, Gale Force 9's first board game, were full whenever we passed.  Spartacus was also popular in afterhours gaming in the hotel lobbies, according to one industry insider.

Fantasy Flight's Netrunner was another of the hit releases at the show, both on the floor and in after hours gaming (observed by the same industry insider).  FFG's Steve Horvath described the Netrunner response at the company's booth.  "We had a huge rush on the booth yesterday [Thursday] during the VIG hour; half the copies we brought sold and then within 10 minutes of the main hall being open the rest blew out.  That was the most product we've brought to a show besides X-Wing this year.  We've never brought that many as an advance and it just blew out so fast.  People were obviously upset about that and we hate disappointing people but that was all we could get from the container in LA to us directly at the show.  It was in transit from LA to our warehouse.  We were able to get a van to intercept it and get some more and drive all night. I am told it is here now and will be for sale first thing tomorrow [Saturday] morning.  This is a classic game.  We're big fans of the game, which is why we wanted to do it, and it’s gotten a great reaction from people.  We've just never seen a reaction to a product like this.  It's amazing and we were thrilled.  So now we're happy that we were able to get some more in and make sure people can get it."

This extremely tall Wookie was wandering the aisles on Thursday.

And DJ Deadmau5 was in the house to spin some beats.

The Retailer Lounge, back after a three year hiatus, was a popular spot for meetings.

Nice couple, ready for some shuteye.

Lolth, in the Wizards of the Coast booth.

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