Rebellion, the company that controls the considerable stable of characters that debuted in 2000 AD, recently signed a distribution agreement with BL Publishing, a subsidiary of Games Workshop (see 'Games Workshop Forms BL Publishing').  Now Rebellion has named Jamie Boardman as the editor for its line of graphic novels that will feature characters and comics from 2000 AD. Until recently Boardman worked as an assistant editor at Titan Books, where he helped prepare collections of classic 2000 AD material featuring characters such as Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog.


Rebellion is planning to publish a number of graphic novels starting with the much-admired noir thriller Button Man by John Wagner and Arthur Ransom and the surreal Hewligan's Haircut, by Peter Milligan and Jamie Hewlett.  Future Rebellion graphic novels will feature newer 2000 AD properties such as Necronauts and 13.