To tell the story of New York Comic Con 2012 in pictures, we start with the show’s Preview Night on Thursday and go into the first full show day on Friday.  See also Part 1.

This lovely pair of cosplayers were taking a break in a quiet hallway.

Final Fantasy's Cloud was displaying her impressive arsenal of swords.

Artists Alley was in the newly opened North Annex, and was relatively crowded even on Thursday night despite being a substantial distance from the main hall.

Nice ink on this cosplayer taking pictures of other fellow cosplayers.

Adventure Time cosplayers were frequently cited.

The crowds picked up on Friday.

Phoenix and Dark Phoenix on stage at the Marvel booth.

A redheaded Zatanna wields her magical wand.

Nice mustache!

These Walking Dead cosplayers are showing the humane response.

Black Widow and Loki strut their stuff.

He-Man (She-Woman?!) and She-Ra strike a pose.

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