NYCC News: At the New York Comic Con WizKids unveiled its new major DC HeroClix organized play event No Man’s Land that debuts in November and will last for six-months.  The new HeroClix OP event is organized very much along the lines of last year’s Infinity Gauntlet. Stores wishing to participate in the event need to fulfill a purchase requirement, register with WizKids online, and the schedule monthly No Man’s Land events.  The No Man’s Land event features a compelling narrative that ties in to the DC HeroClix releases DC HeroClix Batman and DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham releases (see "'DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham'").  In the No Man’s Land scenario a 7.6 magnitude earthquake lays waste to Gotham leaving chaos in its wake and opening up loads of anarchic opportunities for the city’s criminal gangs to seize control.
As was the case with The Infinity Gauntlet event, all the limited edition figure prizes will be unique to this OP program, they will not be manufactured again or released in subsequent programs.  The No Man’s Land organized play program provides two participation level prizes for retailers to award gamers who attend the sessions including a utility belt display piece (and card).  The first month’s kit contains 20 Utility Belt Special Object Displays and each subsequent month includes 20 Utility Belt add-on prizes with a different Utility Belt accessory (gas pellets, batarangs, grapnel guns, etc.) available each month for participants to add to the Utility Belts and utilize during the games.
Poison Ivy Ltd. Ed. Figure
Each month’s kit also includes 10 double-sided maps of key Gotham City locations.  One side shows the city before the quake, while the other depicts it after the major disaster has occurred.  Each month the kit also provides 4 Limited Edition figures (that are unique to this OP).  November’s kit feature 4 Lock-Up Limited Edition figures, while subsequent months’ kits include 4 Batgirl Limited Edition Figures (Month 2), 4 Ultimate Clayface Limited Edition Figures (Month 3), 4 Poison Ivy Limited Edition Figures (Month 4), 4 Killer Croc Limited Edition Figures (Month 5), and 4 Joker/HarleyQuinn Limited Edition Figures (Month 6).  Month six also comes with an additional bonus, 4 Limited Edition Penguin figures.
The Batcave--Click Image for a Better View
In addition the Month 6 No Man’s Land kit includes two grand prizes.  The Batcave is a truly impressive object that is this program’s equivalent of the Thanos and the Shrine of Death grand prize in the Infinity Gauntlet OP program.  The Utility Belt sculpt can actually fit into The Batcave for storage and display The Batcave also includes an Alfred the Butler figure who is holding a tray of first aid supplies.  Players using the dial on the Alfred figure in The Batcave can actually "heal" their HeroClix figures during the games by having them visit the sanctuary and receive first aid from Alfred (just as Batman does).