Bushiroad has announced its first international tournament, called Team League 2013.  The Team League program will be a three-stage tournament, with events running from April to July. 
The first stage of the tournament will be the "open shop qualifiers," which are open to all teams.  The top teams in each shop qualifier will win an invitation to the second stage regional qualifiers.  Regional qualifiers will be held in qualifying tournament stores.  The top two teams in each regional qualifier will earn a place in the third tournament stage: continental finals.
Events will be held in North America, Europe, as well as Asia and Oceania.  Participants will be in three member teams.  Tournament participants will receive exclusive promotional items.  The North American continental final will be held in Los Angeles, the European final will be held in the UK, and the Asia-Oceania final will be held in Singapore, all in late June or early July.
Bushiroad will also sponsor a one-on-one tournament running from March to June (see "'Cardfight!! Vanguard' Stand Up Challenge Cup 2013").