ICv2 has received multiple reports of the X-Men 2 movie adaptation trade paperback being released to bookstores before reaching comic stores serviced by Diamond.  This comes in the wake of reports last week that the Marvel Enclyclopedia Vol 2:  X-Men was shipped to Waldenbooks prior to its release through Diamond. 


Asked how the early release happened, Marvel spokesperson Michael Doran responded, 'Due to the intense interest in Marvel in the bookstore market due to our ever-increasing sales and this year's slate of blockbuster movies, products like the Marvel Encyclopedia Volume 2: The X-Men and The X2 Movie Adaptation TPB have found their way into the marketplace early, though these early releases were not arranged by Marvel.'


Originally scheduled to be released to comic stores April 2nd, the movie adaptation has been moved up to this week, as has the Ultimate X-Men Volume 5:  Ultimate War tpb. And according to Doran, 'Marvel is making efforts to assure the arranged release dates are observed in all book markets in the future.'