Andrew Iwamasa of Collector's Corner Inc. in Midland, Michigan comments on the controversy surrounding Orson Scott Card's upcoming Adventures of Superman comic (see "Sprouse Ankles Card Story").
So, let me start off by saying that I believe everyone has the right to their own thoughts/opinions and to do what they want so long as it's not hurting anyone else (and yes, I know that line is subjective, but in this specific case I mean I believe if two people of the same sex want to get married, that they should be allowed to).
That being said… I think it is fairly ridiculous that this whole thing with Orson Scott Card writing a Superman story is getting the flack that it is.  Now Chris Sprouse is leaving the title? (which I am mentioning because I am sad he won't be doing the art, not because of any other reason.  I respect his decision to not be a part of something that is starting to turn into a circus show).  If we are to assume that Card is a professional, and is able to write a story (or stories) without imposing his own views, then what the heck is the problem?  Do the people who are mad really think that all of a sudden Superman is going to be anti-gay marriage?  From an editor's stand point, do any of you think that would ever see print?  I've read a lot of Card's work before and never got the impression of his personal views regarding this in any of his stories, or thought they were a soap box for any sort of hate writings.  Aren't the people who are trying to get Card off of this title doing exactly what they accusing Card of being?  Being close-minded and being threatened because of his views?  So he doesn't believe the same thing as you do?  So what?  He's a professional and a great writer.  Do I agree with him in this matter?  No, but I do believe in his right to believe it.  It always saddens me when someone in the public light uses that attention to voice an opinion that is usually based in fear and close-mindedness.  If you are really against him, then don't buy the book when it ships.  It's not going to carry any anti-gay messages, I am sure, and you'll probably miss out on a great story, but trying to get him kicked off the book before he's even written a single word is being just as oppressive as him voicing his opinions in the first place.
I just read that his story has now been "put on hold," and not going to be in the Adventures of Superman title at all.  VERY disappointing.  So basically, one group of people have done the exact same thing that they are outraged about.  They have oppressed someone because of their views (and I'd like to point out again that the Superman story itself has NOTHING to do with that view, nor was he using it to oppress gay marriage)... because they do not believe in the same thing.  How is this right?  I hope that his story does eventually get published, and that people can grow to admit that there are a lot of different people in the world... that just because someone believes something different than you, they don't have to be persecuted for it.  Thank you for your time and listening to me ramble.
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