The U.K.-based publisher Modiphius Entertainment has announced the autumn 2013 release of Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry, the first publication to present the new Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition.  The 3rd Edition is a rewrite that keeps the best elements of the popular 2nd Edition rules and uses d20’s combined with a fresh approach to the core systems.
Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry will allow players to play through the first outbreak of the Dark Legion and live out some of the defining moments of the Mutant Chronicles timeline such as the crash of civilization brought on by the unleashing of Dark Symmetry.  This first 3rd Edition volume will be previewed at GenCon in August and released in time for the holidays.
In the spring of 2014 Modiphius will publish Mutant Chronicles: Dark Legion, a volume that will thrust players headlong into the 2nd Corporate War as the Dark Legion returns for a second cataclysmic match with humanity.  Mutant Chronicles: Dark Legion is set during the same time period as the Mutant Chronicles: Warzone skirmish (collectible miniatures) game set in the Mutant Chronicles universe being developed by the U.K. based Prodos Games Ltd, which is yet another example of a successfully funded Kickstarter game.