WizKids has released details of its upcoming Marvel HeroClix expansion, Wolverine and the X-Men (see "'Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix'").  The expansion is scheduled to release on August 14th, and will be supported by an Organized Play program.
This expansion set introduces the "Team Bases" to the Marvel HeroClix game.  Players can move their models from the individual bases to a special Team Base to create new play strategies.  The figures in the set will feature the Blue & Gold X-Men strike teams, the Brotherhood of Mutants, and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard sub-themes.  There will be 91 figures in the set, including seven Team Bases, five themed chase figures, and 12 super-rare figures. 
Wolverine and the X-Men will be available as a nine-count "booster brick" that includes eight regular five-figure booster packs and one “super booster” pack.  The suggested retail price for each booster brick will be $125.90.
On July 31st, just after the release of the new Wolverine movie on July 26th (see "Action-Packed 'Wolverine' Trailer"), a 24-count gravity feed display will be available.  It includes ten different figures with new dial designs in single-figure foil packs.  The suggested retail price for each figure will be $2.99.
To support the release, WizKids will also offer an "Organized Play Kit" which will contain three each of two limited edition figures, ten 3D special objects, ten double-sided play maps, and instructions for running events in store.