Multiple Eisner Award-winning writer James Robinson is the latest high profile creator to leave DC Comics.  On Friday Robinson tweeted: "So as of today I am leaving Earth 2 with Issue #16.  It’s been a blast.  Man, it’s a lovely day.  Think I’ll take Rex to the beach."  Later Robinson followed up with: "Yes, this means I’m no longer working at DC Comics.  Best wishes and regard to Dan (Didio), Geoff (Johns), and everyone."
While Robinson’s departure does not appear to be as acrimonious as some of the other creators who have ankled DC (see "Liefeld Takes Swap at DC Editor"), there does seem to continuing editorial tension at DC as evidenced by a stream of defections by some pretty high profile writers including Andy Diggle (see "It's One and Done for Andy Diggle on 'Action Comics'"), Joshua Hale Fiakov, and Tony Daniels (see "Tony Daniel Departing 'Action Comics'").  Robinson, who created The Golden Age and Starman for DC, is if anything even a bigger loss--and as recently as WonderCon in an interview with Comic Book Resources, Robinson sounded like he had big plans for his stint on Earth 2 that extended into 2014 when a major "event" in the DC Universe was to have brought Earth 1 and Earth 2 together.