Cryptozoic Entertainment will launch the collectible card game Adventure Time Card Wars in Q4 2013, according to solicitation material posted online.  Based on the game in the episode of the same name from Cartoon Network’s popular animated series Adventure Time (Season 4, Episode 14 – or Episode 92 depending on how you keep track), this two-player collectible card game allows fans to recreate the epic battle between Finn and Jake to decide who is the Dweeb and who is the Cool Guy.  Both new cards and cards featured in the show are included.    
The starter set includes two 40-card decks, eight oversized landscape (lane) tiles, and 20 hit point tokens.  It also will include code cards that interact with the Card Wars iOS game.  The two decks are mixable, and players will typically see half their deck during a game, so there’s lots of replay value. 
This first release is not a collectible product, but the game is configured as a collectible game; "add-on packs" are planned. 
Marketing support will include cross-promotions with Cartoon Network and D3 Publisher, including content and announcements on the Cartoon Network Website and Adventure Time Facebook page. 
This Adventure Time Card Wars Starter Set is recommended for players 15 and up, should play in 15 – 30 minutes, and has an MSRP of $20.00.