An artist who pasted pages from comics that he found in an abandoned flat on to a chicken wire frame to create a "Paperboy" sculpture was surprised to learn that the comics he cannibalized for his sculpture were worth more than $30,000.  Artist Andrew Vickers was nonplussed when he learned of the value of the materials he used in his sculpture, stating, "I really love the idea of me creating something out of such expensive things that’s worth less.  I thinks it’s brilliant."
According to the BBC, Vickers was unaware of the potential value of the materials he used until Steve Eyre, who owns the World of Superheroes comic book shop in Sheffield noticed that a cover from Avengers #1, which was published in 1963 and is worth thousands of dollars in good condition was used on the inside leg of the Paperboy sculpture.  Eyre than examined the sculpture closely and realized that it included pages from six vintage comics, which, judging from the condition of the pages used in the sculpture, Eyre calculated would be worth at least $30,000.
Vickers took a philosophical approach to the revelation, noting that "If someone chucks things out in the skip they don’t generally throw things that are worth anything.  To be honest I’m shocked, but money has not got such a value to me.  I think it’s funny."