At Anime Expo Viz Media announced a number of key licenses including Kazuma Kondou and Jinsei Kataoka’s Deadman Wonderland and Kosuke’s Gangsta.  In addition Viz will be re-releasing Rumiko Takahashi’s perennially popular Ranma ½ manga in omnibus editions, which for the first time in the U.S. will read in the traditional Japanese right-to-left format.  Viz also announced the print debut of Noashi Komi’s romantic comedy manga Nisekoi and new full color editions of Akira Toriyama’s classic Dragon Ball.
Deadman Wonderland is an action-packed survival saga, that Tokyopop began publishing, though the U.S. manga publisher went out of business after releasing just five of the series’ 12 volumes.  Viz Media will publish the first volume of Deadman Wonderland next February and will publish new volumes every two months.  A 12-episode anime adaptation of Deadman Wonderland has been released here by Funimation—and the series aired on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.
Kosuke’s Gangsta manga, which began in 2010, is a tough seinen series that will probably be rated 17+.  Set in a corrupt city, this violent saga follows the exploits of Nick and Worrick, two neighborhood hit men who take on assignments for both local gangsters and the police.
According to the Anime News Network, Viz will ship the first volume of the romantic comedy Nisekoi manga in January of 2014.  The series is currently running in the digital edition of Shonen Jump, and Viz plans to release a new print volume every two months.
The Dragon Ball Full Color Editions will debut in February of 2014.  These volume will carry a cover price of $19.99 and will be in a larger format closer in size to typical American graphic novels than the standard manga trim.
The Ranma ½ reprints will debut in March of 2014.  Each omnibus volume of this series, which was a huge hit during the original U.S. manga boom, will include two of the original Ranma manga volumes and will carry a cover price of $14.99.  Viz plans to release a new Ranma ½ Omnibus volume every two months after the new right-to-left format edition debuts in March.