Comic-Con News:  Seven Seas Entertainment has announced the acquisition of a trio of military-themed manga series.  Girls und Panzer is all about tank battles, while Strike Witches zeroes in on aerial dogfights, and Arpeggio of Blue Steel deals with naval conflicts with submarines and battleships.
Girls und Panzer is a seinen manga that features cute girls doing cute things in massive battle tanks.  The manga has been adapted into an anime series that is currently streaming on Cruncyroll and will be released here later this year by Sentai Filmworks.  Seven Seas plans to publish the first volume of the Girls und Panzer manga in June of 2014 with a second volume due in September.  Seven Seas also plans to release the prequel manga Girls und Panzer: Little Army starting in the fall of 2014.
Strike Witches reimagines World War II as a battle between humans and invading aliens with super-powered girls taking on alien aircraft with a mixture of magic and technology in a fast-paced shonen manga that combines elements of "dieselpunk" and "moe."  This is a fascinating franchise that has spawned two anime series, both of which have been released here in the U.S.   Seven Seas plans to issue Strike Witches: Maidens of the Sky Vol.1 in February of 2014 with a second volume due in April.
Arpeggio of Blue Steel is another action-packed seinen science fiction series set in the future when mankind is menaced by a fleet of ships with superweapons known as the "Fleet of Fog" with battleships that are sentient girls.  The only hope for humanity is its own sentient superweapon, a girl who can transform herself into a deadly submarine.  Season Seas plans to release volume 1 of Arpeggio of Blue Steel in July of 2014 with a second volume slated for October of 2014.