Comic-Con News: Few shows in the history of television have developed the kind of devoted cult following that Joss Whedon’s outer space western Firefly has managed.  While there appears to be little chance of a new Firefly TV series, fans will, starting in 2014, be able to return to Whedon’s well-crafted “frontiers of space” world in an immersive Firefly online game. 
The Firefly Online Game, which was introduced today (via this video clip) at the San Diego Comic-Con, will be initially designed for smartphones and tablets, which appears to be the wave of the future for onliine RPGs. 
Whedon’s Firefly remains a potent license.  A new Firefly board game will debut at Gen Con this summer (see "'Firefly: The Game' Board Game"), and Margaret Weis Productions is creating a new Firefly role-playing game (see "'Firefly RPG'").  In fact the Firefly license is hot enough that Twentieth Century Fox has actually gone to the trouble of trying to prevent the sale of fan-produced Jayne hats (see "Be Careful What You Wish For").