Comic-Con News: At the Skybound Panel it was announced that NBC/Universal is developing Clone, a science fiction thriller based on the comic written by David Schulner that debuted late last year from Image’s Skybound imprint (Clone #9 will hit comic shops on Wednesday).  Schulner, who produced the short-lived Do No Harm series for NBC, will write the pilot and serve as executive producer along with Skybound honcho Robert Kirkman.
Clone, which is written by Schulner and illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano, focuses on the strange and often dangerous world of Dr. Luke Taylor who discovers that because of experiments performed by his father there are many exact genetic copies of Luke Taylor running around.  Exploring the themes of identity and nature versus nurture, Clone is a taut sci-fi thriller.
According to Deadline, the development of Clone is part of Schulner’s overall deal with Universal.  At least two other Skybound comics are in development for TV series including Thief of Thieves (see "AMC Developing a Second Series With Kirkman"), and Exorcism (see "Kirkman's Exorcism TV Show").