We continue the story of Comic-Con in pictures with our Saturday photos.  See also Part 5, Part 7, and Part 8; Part 9 for Sunday.  Or go back to Part 1.

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A mermaid with ink, at the Fangoria booth.

Back in the old days, big-time exhibitors used to bring cars, but now that's so 2008.  This year, it was ships.  Here's one promoting ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Another ship, this one for Black Sails, a new series premiering on Starz in January.

And this one, behind the Convention Center, was the long ship promoting Assassin's Creed IV in various ways, including firing a cannon several times a day.

One time Miss America Lee Meriwether, who played Catwoman in the 1966 Batman movie.

The booth for the new Enterprise-D Bridge Restoration non-profit organization, which seeks to turn the bridge into "an interactive educational sci-fi museum."

Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Miss Martian, a major trio.

The organization that runs San Diego Comic-Con has become more sophisticated over the years at finding more sponsorship opportunities to sell.  Here, the sign for the bathroom sponsorship by A&E show Bates Motel.

A female Boba Fett, taking a time-out to pose.

BANG!  Harley Quinn has a gun.

Another "only at Comic-Con" moment:  Superman interviewed by ("classic") Lara Croft.

Bandai gave high visibility to Power Rangers with statuary (here) and costumed characters.

Hoops and Yoyo were mobbed.

Deadmau5 Spider-Man and Deadmau5 Deadpool!

Valiant marketing maven Hunter Gorinson wearing his colors for the "Road to Unity," event.

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