DC Comics announced today that due to unprecedented demand for its September 52 Villains Month 3-D Motion Covers, orders on books with 3-D Motion Covers will be allocated.  Allocations will range from nearly 50% on some titles to almost 100% on others.  Allocations will be based on retailers’ orders on each of the Villains Month’s base titles over the past few months. 
Since the 3-D Motion Cover books are already sold out from the publisher, only the standard 2-D cover editions of the books (priced at $2.99) will be listed for the Final Order Cutoff offering for DC’s September books.  Diamond will email each account the allocation numbers on the 3-D Motion Covers in time for retailers to adjust their orders (if they wish) by adding additional 2-D Cover copies.  The Villains Month books with 2-D covers will all be first printings.
DC is also offering the entire run of 3-D Motion Covers again in December with the Villains Month 3-D Motion Complete Set.  Because of the time it takes to manufacture the 3-D covers, the final order cutoff date for the December shipping Villains Month 3-D Motion Complete Set is August 12th.  The Villains Month Complete Set will come with all 52 comics plus a copy of Forever Evil #1 with a 3-D Motion Cover and will be priced at $199.99.  The books in December-shipping Complete Set will all be marked as "Second Editions."

When DC’s Jim Lee and Dan Didio talked with ICv2 about the innovative 3-D Motion covers at Comic-Con (see "Interview With Lee and Didio"), the 3-D Covers were already "on the water."  The lengthy production process for the printing of the 3-D Motion Covers meant that DC had to make production estimates for the covers outside of the usual solicitation process.  DC’s co-Publisher Dan Didio said that the publisher was "very aggressive" in its orders for the covers, but when the orders came in it soon became clear that DC had underestimated demand.