In November IDW Publishing is launching a new Ben 10 comic book series based on the popular Cartoon Network animated series.  Jason Henderson, author of the Alex Van Helsing YA novels, is writing the new Ben 10 comic and Gordon Purcell (Star Trek, Godzilla) will provide the art.  The new comic utilize the setting from the fourth Ben 10 animated series, Ben 10 Omniverse, which debuted in 2012.
The new Ben 10 comic book is just the most recently announced series to result from an agreement between IDW and the Cartoon Network (see "IDW Signs Deal With Cartoon Network").  A Powerpuff Girls comic launches this month followed by a Samurai Jack series debuting in October (see "IDW's New 'Samurai Jack'").  Future series based on other Cartoon Network series such as Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and Generator Rex.
Like Generator Rex, Ben 10 is the creation of the Man of Action group, a quartet of comic book and TV creators that includes Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Steven T. Seagle, and Duncan Rouleau.  Earlier this year Viz Media announced a series of original Ben 10 graphic novels for young readers (see "'Ben 10' Omniverse OGNs").