Marvel Comics has announced the January, 2014 debut of Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #1, the first book in a new comic book series that will be written by Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor), illustrated by Karl Moline (Avengers Arena), and based on the attractions created for Disney theme parks by the talented folks at Walt Disney Imagineering.  The new comic book series marks the first collaboration between Disney’s Marvel Comics and Imagineering divisions. 
The Disney Kingdom: Seekers of the Weird comic will be the first all-new adventure inspired by Disney’s legendary, but never constructed, Museum of the Weird attraction dreamed up by the famous Imagineer Rolly Crump in 1965.  The attraction was to contain a collection of mystical curiosities and was originally conceived of as a sort of spooky walk through exhibit attached to The Haunted Mansion.
According to Inside the Magic Disney Website, which broke the news about the new comic book series, Seekers of the Weird will follow the adventures of teens Maxwell and Melody who are forced into a thrilling race through the world’s most dangerous museum after their parents are kidnapped.  The site also indicated the the first issue of the series will have a variant cover created by one of the artists from Disney Imagineering.

Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will reveal more details about the new Disney Kingdoms comic book series at his "Cup o’ Joe" panel on Saturday afternoon at the New York Comic Con.