We continue the story of New York Comic Con with more pictures from Saturday, the peak day.  To start from the beginning, go to Part 1 or for the first batch of the Saturday photos, go to Part 5.

The show is now as big as San Diego Comic Con (see "NYCC as Big as San Diego Comic Con").

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One of many local food vendors at the show.  Here, the Baconery menu.  We love their slogan: "Life is just better with bacon."

A pretty good Joker nurse, doing a little shopping.

This store's booth had an empty shelf on the rack, so sales must have been good.

It had to happen, a Miley cosplayer.

A cosplayer with her robot pal.

Here's Troll and Toad--one of a number of game-related booths scattered around the floor.

Beyond Animal Farm.

The data bandwidth for some cellphone carriers was heavily overloaded, as these two exhibitors trying to get a signal to check someone out with Square demonstrated.

Two of Spidey's deadly foes--Venom and Mysterio.

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