Bill Willingham announced today that after more than ten years, he will be ending the award-winning comic Fables with an oversized issue #150.
"After more than ten years of publication, and hundreds of issues of Fables, and various Fables-related works, I have decided the time has come to begin the process of bringing our sweeping story to a close.  And, along the way, I’ve decided to retire from a great deal of my comics work," Willingham announced today on his website.
He later updated the announcement to include, "Fairest, our companion series, will also come to an end just before the big final Fables issue."
In an interview on Newsarama, Willingham expanded on the announcement, explaining that he and Mark Buckingham have planned to wrap up the series for a while, and were hoping to make an official announcement next March at Emerald City Con, but "the problem is that too many people are getting wind of the rumor.  I've heard people who are not supposed to know about it ask questions about it."
"And that's why we're announcing it now.  That's the practical reason for when to make the announcement.”

A Fables movie is in development (see "'Fables' in Development").
When asked about his future plans--specifically Legenderry (see "Willingham to Write Steampunk Crossover For Dynamite"), Willingham added that he and Buckingham have other "non-Fables, non-DC" projects in the works farther down the road.