Robotech RPG Tactics will not ship to Kickstarter backers until February 2014, Palladium Books announced Monday, with trade distribution to follow.  "It is better to get this product right than rush it," Palladium President Kevin Siembieda said. 

Delays have been caused by the scale and complexity of the project (see "More Details on 'Robotech RPG Tactics'"), as well as “numerous additions and tweaks to sculpts, and additional cost and engineering considerations for mold-making and manufacturing,” the announcement said.  "This has caused delays and doubled the cost of the molds, but Palladium is willing to make that sacrifice to give you the best product we can possibly make."  Final mold engineering and mold-making is still in process, leaving manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of Kickstarter orders to take place before trade distribution can commence.