Jerry Ringi of Amazing Fantasy in Chesapeake, Virginia saw our article on Marvel's change of heart on reprinting sold-out books (see 'About Face: Marvel Reverses No Reprint Policy') and wants the new policy to succeed:


Wow. Marvel seems to have their eyes open and is doing what the market will welcome.  However, I hope that this trial period is not just with that one issue.  I think that reprints will work as long as Marvel uses this 'new' attitude as a tool to help us sell more copies of their book, and not as just another ploy that is only good for Marvel.  It would be terrible if this book did not need to be reprinted and Marvel used it as an example of how reprints don't work.  I know I'm leery when dealing with Marvel, but yes, I'll kick the football and hope that they don't pull it away once again.

Now about DC:  What is going on with Superman Red Son?  It sold out fast, there were no reorders, and they will not reprint.  I reordered issue #2 and it's on back order, and has not yet arrived at our shops.  Come on DC, what's up?  A good Elsewhere story and yet no support. Not all Elsewhere stories are great but this one is, so go back and help us.