Frank Cho will introduce Jungle Queen, a new original comic property, in his Kickstarter-financed art book Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method this fall, he announced on his blog.
Cho (Liberty Meadows) raised $152,854 from 2,772 backers ($55.14/backer average) back in December and January to publish the step-by-step art guide.  The 112-page hardcover and paperback editions will be available to the trade in October at $29.95/$19.95 respectively.  Mark Schultz (Xenozoic Tales) will write the introduction.
The Jungle Queen will appear as a five-page story in the "Storytelling" chapter of Drawing Beautiful WomenThe Frank Cho Method.  The short introductory story will be completely silent, told "...through body language and action,” Cho said.  "It was a story-telling challenge worth doing."
Cho also promised a full stand-alone Jungle Queen graphic novel or mini-series in the near future.