New Doctor Peter Capaldi, companion Jenna Coleman, and (for some of the events) showrunner Steven Moffat will undertake the first ever Doctor Who global publicity tour to kick off the new series in August.  The stars will visit seven cities in five continents over 12 days.  The tour is the largest promotion in Doctor Who's 50-year history, according to the BBC. 

The stars will visit Cardiff, Wales, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro on the tour, which will run from August 7th to August 19th.

"This tour is something normally reserved for Hollywood blockbusters but with Doctor Who it appears you can do anything you dream of and continue to challenge what’s perceived as the norm in TV," BBC Chief Brands Officer Amanda Hill said. 

The show is coming off a huge special, launched simultaneously worldwide last November (see "'Doctor Who' Sets BBC America Record").