Astro Boy owner Tezuka Productions, Monaco’s Shibuya Productions, and France’s Caribara Animation are producing a 26-episode first season of a new animated series based on Astro Boy, according to Variety.  The new series will combine 2D and CG animation and will be a full reboot of the property with a contemporary look, according to the report.  The series will target 8- to 12-year-olds who have not been previously familiar with the property.

Although the series will be a fresh take, there is a tremendous reserve of awareness and appreciation for the property, primarily from the TV shows (60s, 1980, and 2003), which aired in over 40 territories.  The 2009 movie (see "ICv2 Talks to 'Astro Boy' Director David Bowers") did not do big numbers.

Diamond is well positioned with its deal to bring Japanese products based on Tezuka properties into the U.S. (see "Diamond to Distribute Tezuka Merchandise," and "Tezuka Productions Interview").  Dark Horse Comics has the manga license.