Steven Huber of Galaxy Comics in Connersville, Indiana saw Ron Catapano's comment on The Eternal (see 'Ron Catapano of Comics Plus on Marvel's The Eternal') and had this to say:


I also ordered a few copies of this book knowing that it would be a mature title, thinking that Marvel would make it into something similar to the title that I remember.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the book and found that the only similarity to the Eternals that I remember were a few of the names 'Deviants' and 'Celestials' thrown around to give you some reference.  Within the first few pages we see murder for no apparent reason other than they can do this and show that they are far superior to the pre-human inhabitants of Earth.  At every opportunity we are subjected to nudity due to the fact that they slapped an 'Explicit Content' Label on the book.  Does Marvel think that if they show breasts every few pages that this somehow enhances the story for most of us?


What was the story anyway?  We can evolve these humans, that we can use them as slaves, and oh by they way don't they look like we could use them for our own personal pleasures?  But don't worry they aren't really human so whatever we do to them doesn't matter!


To make matters worse later in the book we get treated to a display of perversion by one of the Eternals that I don't care how old you are has no place in a comic of any kind.  I for one do not need to see this in my comics, it does nothing to promote the story.


I think Marvel is trying to do whatever they can to shock readers and to promote their books.  When they promoted Rawhide Kid it was to let you know that he was gay.  Could they not have just promoted the book as the western style book that it is?  I have no problem with him or any character (such as Northstar from Alpha Flight or Terry from Green Lantern) being gay but why is it an issue?  Just tell the story!!


Here's what I consider a mature story:  Go take a look at CSI: Serial by IDW publishing.  They have produced a book without resorting to nudity at every turn and the story and art enhance the reading experience.


Everyone has the right to read what they want and I would never suggest to anyone that they cannot buy or ready what they want.  This is my personal opinion and I for one will not be reading The Eternal book.