With the imminent release of Hip-Hop Family Tree Vol. 2: 1981-1983 (see "'Hip Hop Family Tree' Vol. 2 and 'Gift Box Set'"), ICv2 caught up with Fantagraphics’ Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds at San Diego Comic-Con, to discuss the popularity of the first volume of Ed Piskor’s critically acclaimed series.
"We’re close to 20,000 copies in print.  It’s gone through four printings now, and probably the most interesting thing about it, from my point of view, is that the reprint print runs have gotten bigger every time, which is something I’ve only seen happen a few times over the past 20 years," Reynolds shared.
He went on to discuss the word-of-mouth recommendations that have come from inside the hip-hop community itself.  "The guys that are in the book have overwhelmingly embraced it, and really helped it take on a life of its own by tweeting about it, talking about it in the press.  It’s been great.  They seem to love the book more than anybody.  DMC (Darryl McDaniels) from Run DMC is here at the show and he came over and got copies and took pictures with it--he’s on the back cover of the second book."