The CW Network released a new trailer for its upcoming adaptation of The Flash, and it appears to be courting comic book fans, specifically of Mark Waid’s run on the title, according to THR’s analysis.
The 30-second trailer includes a voiceover by lead actor Grant Gustin, "My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive."  The quote appears to be a variation on the line that the Flash spoke--though in the Wally West incarnation of the character in those books--in nearly every issue of writer Mark Waid’s 1990s run with the character.
The THR article went on to conjecture that the additional voiceover "Inside your body could be a map to a whole new world," is a potential nod to the DC Multiverse, and an explanation as to how parallel content could exist in the TV show versus movie universe.  Seems a bit of an intellectual leap of forethought for Hollywood execs, but then again, the trailer also flashes the tagline "Believe in the Impossible" at 0:21.