Wizard World had net income of $759,703 in Q2 and $1,451,744 for the first half of 2014, the company announced Monday.  That’s a big swing from the multi-million dollar losses in 2013, although much of those losses were related to derivatives on the balance sheet and not from operations. 

First quarter was also strong (see "Wizard World Profits Soar").

The company grossed $7,110,940 for the quarter and $12,284,138, more than doubling its 2013 sales.  Revenue per event in the first six months has been $1,535,517, vs. $1,173,723 in 2013.  

The company continues its increased pace of shows, with four shows (St. Louis, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Philadelphia) in Q2 2014, vs. two in the same period a year ago, part of its big increase in show count this year (see "Wizard Nearly Doubling").  Eight shows are now planned for the second half of 2014, for a total of 16 for the year.