Here's the story of Gen Con in pictures, here in our third set from Friday.  To view the pictures from the beginning, go back to Part 1.

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Z-Man Games had the classic arcade shooter Kemble's Cascade at its booth in celebration of the launch of the board game (see "'Battle at Kemble's Cascade'"), but it had to be turned off on Friday as the volume was interfering with the demos.

From the Naturo anime series, it's Gaara!

Another elaborate anime-based costume.

"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor rotting flesh of the dead…"  It’s been a tough day for this zombie mail carrier.

These cosplayers were hanging at the booth of webcomic The Devil's Panties, by Jennie Breeden and Obby.

Found him!

Rivet Wars cosplay at the CoolMiniOrNot booth.

A Jedi and a bounty hunter.

David M. Ewalt, author of Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and The People Who Play It, was signing at the Half Price Books booth.

The sensational She-Hulk is bursting out of her business attire.

Marcus Ross, lead game designer for Water Bear Games, was going the extra mile to promote his booth.

An attempt at a Gen Con tie-in event at the Marriott.  The "Rick [sic] Crispy Bricks" look especially tasty.

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