Stan Goldberg, who began his career at Marvel predecessor Timely Comics, and later went on develop the initial color schemes for the Silver Age characters created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee for Marvel, before leaving Marvel to become a staff artist at Archie Comics, has died at the age of 82.  In addition to coloring many of the key Marvel titles in the 1960s, Goldberg also drew Millie the Model and other Marvel teen/romance heroines in the in-house style established by Dan DeCarlo. 
Classic Goldberg Millie the Model art from 1966--Click on Images for a Better View
After leaving Marvel in 1969, Goldberg drew DC Comics’ teen titles (Date With Debbie, Swing with Scooter and Binky) for three years before embarking on a long term association with Archie Comics, where once again he drew his books in a standard in-house fashion--working once again in a style that had been refined and perfected by Dan DeCarlo.  A solid craftsman, Goldberg, who drew the Sunday Archie newspaper strip from 1975-1980, eventually graduated to the company’s flagship Archie comic series from 1995-2006.
After leaving Archie Comics in 2010, Goldberg, who had published the children’s comic Mendy and the Golem in 2003, produced covers for a number of different comics series as well as the delicious Archie Comics parody "Everything’s Bartchie" for The Simpsons #183 (October of 2011).  In 2012 Goldberg drew several graphic novels for Papercutz (Nancy Drew, The Three Stooges) as well as the anti-bullying comic Rise Above.  A Goldberg-drawn Archie Comics-style Spider-Man story "The Parker Boy" will be included in Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Special that is due out in October.