Greg Berlanti, the producer of the new CW series The Flash, has confirmed reports that Warner Bros. Television has a Supergirl series in development (see "'Supergirl' TV Series in Development"), and  then Berlanti and fellow Flash producer Andrew Kreisberg, dropped another news nugget by telling a crowd at Paleyfest that there was indeed a chance that Wally West could appear on The Flash, saying "We made [the] Wests African-American so that we could head in that direction."

According to Comic Book Movie, Kreisberg added (correctly): "When DC reintroduced Wally (in the "New 52"), he was African American."  It is true that prior to 2011, Wally West was an older Caucasian male, and the changes to Wally West’s background clearly came from DC, according to writers Ven Jensen and Robert Venditti.  In Future’s End’s Flash tie-in there is a flash forward five years which finds the teenage Wally West as Kid Flash.  Will The Flash TV series also find room in its future for a Wally West incarnation of The Flash?
Meanwhile, aside from confirming to CBR that reports that a Supergirl series was in development were correct, Berlanti noted that Warner Bros. TV has not shopped the series to a network yet, and declined to say anything further about the project.