Although we usually publish comments only by those already in the trade, we thought this Talk Back submission was worth publishing.  Will Masterson, who hopes to open a store soon as RW Comics in Danbury, Connecticut, wonders whether the Talk Back comments are blowing off steam, or a sign of real trouble:


It has been my fondest wish to own my own comic book store for years.  I have spent the better part of five years positioning myself to achieve my dream.  Now that I am finally close to achieving my goals, I have some concerns.  I have been reading this website for over a year, and have been paying close attention to the talk back section.  These comments by people in the business I am striving to break into, have been invaluable to me.  Retailers have been airing several complaints about the publishers, Marvel more than most.  Is this really the beginning of the end for comic book stores?  As a customer and potential proprietor, I hope not.  No chain will ever be able to give the service and knowledge of a local comic book store.  Please someone out there please let me know that what I read in Talk Back is just letting off some steam and not the foretelling of doom that it appears to be.  I love this industry more than anything, but I do not wish to jump on a sinking ship.