DC Entertainment has announced details on the first 10 of the two-part miniseries that will be part of the two-month Convergence event beginning in April (see "'Convergence'").
Details and art were released to Io9 and CBR.  Several of the two-part miniseries mention the return of pre-The New 52 "Flashpoint" characters (see "DC Unveils 'Flashpoint' Miniseries"), as well as a mysterious structure known as "The Dome."  The first issues for these titles will launch on April 8th, with the #2 issues arriving on May 6th.
The Superman title will be written by Dan Jurgens, with art by Lee Weeks, Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.
The Question miniseries will be scripted by Greg Rucka, with art by Cully Hamner.
The Atom entry will be penned by Tom Peyer, with art by Steve Yeowell and Andy Owens.
The Batgirl miniseries will be written by Alisa Kwitney, with art by Rick Leonardi and Mark Pennington.
The Nightwing/Oracle title will be written by Gail Simone, with art by Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons.
The Harley Quinn miniseries will be penned by Steve Pugh, with art by Phil Winslade and John Dell.
Speed Force will be written by Tony Bedard, with art by Tom Grummett and Sean Parsons.
The Titans entry will be penned by Fabian Nicieza, with illustration by Ron Wagner and Jose Marzan.
The Justice League miniseries will be scripted by Frank Tieri, with art by Vicente Cifuentes.
The Batman & Robin title will be written by Ron Marz, with art by Denys Cowan and Klaus Janson.