Constantine showrunner Daniel Cerone is asking fans for support to ensure that the show returns for a second season, after production on the first season was ended at the original order of 13 episodes.   The order might have been expected to be increased to a full 26 episodes, but the show premiered in late October, and the network was not ready to increase its commitment (or cancel the show) after only four episodes had aired.   So production was halted after 13 episodes, but the show still has a chance to return next year, according to Deadline

Initial ratings on the show have been solid, but apparently not strong enough to get an immediate vote of confidence from NBC (see “Strong Ratings for ‘Constantine’”).  

Now a full-throated effort to rally fans has begun, starting with Cerone’s Twitter page, where he’s been using the #SaveConstantine hashtage and urging fans to watch to keep the ratings up and convince NBC to continue the show.  “We will return if enuf fans watch live ‘n rewatch (stream till you drop),” he said.  “NBC wants our success and DC is beast.  Won’t say Die.”