WizKids has announced Marvel HeroClix organized play products for the Summer season of 2015.  In June, WizKids will launch a four-month organized play program, Marvel HeroClix Age of Ultron.  The program will include two OP Kits and two Tournament Boosters, with the first of each shipping in June.

There are 56 figures exclusive to the program, 28 in each series.  Each Tournament Booster Brick (1 and 2) contains 8 commons, 7 uncommons, 6 rares, 5 super rares, 2 chase figures, and 5 Avengers I.D. Cards.  Each Booster Brick contains 10 Tournament Boosters, enough to support 10 players for Marvel HeroClix Age of Ultron Storyline OP events. 

Retailers may order two Tournament Booster Bricks for every OP Kit they order, and the Booster Bricks will ship with the corresponding OP Kits.  The program includes “desirable, competitive, and participation” prizes each month and a Grand Prize for the end of the four-month event series. 

These products are covered by WizKids’ Promotional Product License Agreement and are not for resale outside the events.

WizKids has a huge raft of Avengers HeroClix product shipping around the release date of Avengers 2:  Age of Ultron on May 1 (see “New Footage for ‘Age of Ultron’”), including the movie tie-in release in April (see “’Marvel HeroClix:  Avengers—Age of Ultron’”), an Avengers Quick-Start Kit in both promotional and sell-through versions for Free Comic Book Day (see “Marvel HeroClix:  The Avengers Quick Start Kit”), and Avengers Assemble on May 6 (see “ Marvel HeroClix:  Avengers Assemble”).

WizKids has also announced the Spider-Man Symbiotes Monthly Organized Play Kit for May.  The kit ships the last week of the month for use the following month or any time after that.  Each Kit includes first, fellowship, and flex prizes for multiple events:  four each of Spider-Man, Venom and Agent Venom.  The figures are special versions; Venom is a new sculpt and dial, and Spider-Man and Agent Venom are new paint jobs and dials.