ICv2 recently sat down with Charles Kochman, Executive Editor of Abrams ComicArts, to talk about the company’s plans.  In Part 2 of our three-part interview, we discuss upcoming releases for Spring 2015, including a graphic novel on Ayn Rand’s effect on the world; in Part 3, we talk about the company’s Fall 2015 list, including a new book focusing on Charles Schulz as an artist, a follow-up to Derf Backderf’s My Friend Dahmer, a Topps Star Wars trading card guide, and more; in Part 1, we talked about the recent release of The Art of Simon and Kirby Studio (see "Review: 'The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio' HC").

What are you excited about for next year?
Coming up in spring we have a graphic novel by Darryl Cunningham, who did How to Fake a Moon Landing, called The Age of Selfishness.  It’s a look at Ayn Rand and her writings and how her writings affected policies that a lot of the politicians have put in place.
I think the book is even-handed but makes a clear case that all roads lead back to her.  One of her disciples is Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve.  If you or I make a mistake, there’s not much that’s going to happen.  If the head of the Federal Reserve makes a mistake and says we messed up, we guessed wrong, that’s catastrophic.
That’s coming out in March.  Cover price is $17.95.  Hardcover, no jacket.

I think it’s the right book for the climate that happening and the discussion leading up to the elections.  A lot of it comes down to what Mitt Romney refers to as the 47% of this country.  This is that 47% who doesn’t feel that they have representation in Congress.  (Cunningham) does a bio of her, then there’s a bio of Alan Greenspan and he ties it all together really nice and neatly.
Separately, Abrams ComicArts provided info on two other Spring 2015 releases. 

Just So Happens, By Fumio Obata, will be released on March 17, 2015 at $24.95 MSRP.  It’s the story of a Japanese woman living in London who’s called back for her father’s funeral and is immersed in Japanese culture there. 

Out of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer by Martha Fay, introduction by Leonard S. Marcus, foreword by the late Mike Nichols, was previously announced (see "Feiffer, Carter Family, Economix, and Dave McKean"), and will come out on May 5, 2015 at $40.00 MSRP.
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