The Starz/Encore-affiliated Action Channel will add Hellsing to its anime lineup on October 4th.  Action Channel currently airs the Blue Seed and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 anime series, as well as feature-length films like Akira. 


Three episodes of Hellsing will air during the  'Animidnight' block on Friday nights/Saturday mornings beginning at 12am Eastern Standard Time.  The series will also air at various times in the early hours of Wednesdays in October.


Hellsing is the story of a secret organization that battles artificially created vampires and ghouls with the help of rogue vampire, Arucard.  In addition to the Pioneer DVDs, retailers can also take advantage of the exposure by merchandising the Toycom action figures (see 'New Hellsing Figures from Toycom') and upcoming Dark Horse manga (see 'Dark Horse Announces Three Manga').