Derek Garrison of Talon Comics & Games in Denton, Texas saw our article on the ratings change on the current issue of Avengers (see 'Avengers #71 Delayed, Returnable') and feels that most retailers are over-reacting:


What's the deal lately with retailers acting like 'porn' has been inserted into mainstream comics?  Between Avengers #71 and Fallen Angel #2 you would think hardcore content is now showing up in mainstream comics with the way some retailers are reacting.  Do these retailers go to the movies?  Have they seen the content of PG-13 films?


Folks, I thought everyone has realized by now comics aren't just for kids anymore and that can include main titles from Marvel.  Yes, it is very annoying of Marvel to be inconsistent with their titles and the content therein.  However, I'm not going to over react by bagging the comic and slapping '18 or older' stickers all over it.  Some retailers need to realize that the content of comics varies just like movies do.  Some are for kids, most are for teens and some are for adults.  Stop treating comics like it's a kids only medium and stop treating the teen comic readers we do have like little kids.


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