ADV Manga has announced a December 16, 2003 street date for three manga titles: Steel Angel Kurumi: Vol. 1, Those Who Hunt Elves: Vol. 1, and Demon City Hunter: Vol. 2.  Steel Angel Kurumi, a science fiction saga about a boy who awakens a top-secret robot warrior girl with a kiss, is an 18+ title, typical of some of the more 'adult' manga in ADV's catalog.  Those Who Hunt Elves, a racy fantasy comedy about an actress, a martial artist, and a military specialist who are trapped in a strange magical world, is rated 15+--largely because the return spell they need has been cut into six pieces and tattooed on the bodies of six female elves.  Since there are lots of female elves about, the three protagonists have their work cut out for them.  Demon City Hunter is rated 13+ since this horror/fantasy series is mostly concerned with sword-slashing violence as high school nenpo expert Kyoya Izayoi helps the Defense Agency battle the fearsome priests of the Dark Order and the monsters they control.  All three ADV Manga titles carry a cover price of $9.99.