Representatives of both Diamond Comic Distributors and Image Comics confirmed that orders for all Spawn issues scheduled for release after August will be canceled and resolicited in the appropriate month, beginning with the July Previews solicitation for September shipping products. 


According to Image spokesperson B. Clay Moore, the resolicitation was planned after a conversation between new Image publisher Erik Larsen and TMP's Todd McFarlane about retailer feedback on the late Spawn issues. 


Moore also said that orders for some other books (including his own Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort #1) had been canceled and resolicited, and that most Image books were now shipping in the month for which they'd been solicited.  The line average, will also improve, he said, because new creators bringing work to Image were tending to have more work done than has been the case in the past. 


Asked about the long-delayed Image Anniversary Hardcover (scheduled for Image's 10th anniversary year, but seemingly headed for its 15th), Moore would not specify a date, but would only say, 'I can't think it will take much longer.'  He also denied that the lateness of the book was due to the TMP contribution, which he said was ready to go.