Don Alsafi of G-Mart Comics in Batavia, Illinois, who sent us this comment last week on late Image books (see 'Don Alsafi of G-Mart Comics on Late Image Books'), saw the news that Image was re-soliciting Spawn (see 'Spawn To Be Re-Solicited') and sent in his kudos:


Most of the time, the only service feedback that is ever heard are problems and complaints, whether that's customer to retailer, or retailer to publisher/distributor.  Part of that is simply the nature of the beast; all feedback, even positive, takes up significant time, and so we must usually accept silent affirmation as the only proof of satisfaction.


However, there are also times when the praise should stand out.  Problems will arise in any business relationship; that's indisputable.  It's the way and speed in which problems are resolved that proves the erring party's mettle.


To that end, I want to offer my thanks and praise to Image Comics, and specifically Erik Larsen, for responding so rapidly and thoroughly to the late comics complaints that arose on ICv2 last week -- specifically with regards to Spawn, which has been a persisting problem for many years now (and despite previous pleas had remained unresolved).  When the news first broke of Erik taking on the mantle of publisher, I hoped the move might bring welcome changes.  With this act, that hope is renewed.


Thanks again to all involved!


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