Time Magazine put only one graphic novel on its recommended summer reading list, Daniel Clowes' Eightball #23.  Clowes, who was just profiled in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine cover story on graphic novels (see 'Cover Story on Graphic Novels in New York Times Magazine'), has produced his first new issue of Eightball in two years, a full color 44-page gem (SRP $7) that features the first appearance of The Death Ray.  As Time puts it: 'Eightball positively crackles with self-loathing and pop-culture smarts and crawls with the kind of weirdo loners Clowes portrayed so well in Ghost World.'


Speaking of Ghost World, Clowes and Ghost World director Terry Zwigoff (Bad Santa) are collaborating once again on the eagerly anticipated Art School Confidential, which starts filming this month in Los Angeles.  Retailers who remember how well Clowes' Ghost World novel sold in the wake of that film, should note that Art School Confidential is based on a story from Eightball #7, which is reprinted in the 'must-have' collection Twentieth Century Eightball.