The third volume in the Dark Horse/Digital Manga Hellsing series topped the sales chart for graphic novels in bookstores according to the Neilson BookScan report for the week ending July 11.  Hellsing was followed closely by xxxholic 2 from Del Rey, Trigun Maximum #1 from Dark Horse/Digital Manga, Fruits Basket #3 from Tokyopop and Rurouni Kenshin #5 from Viz.  Marvel's Spider-Man 2 adaptation took the six spot and three other Spider-Man volumes made it into the top 50 (at 23, 26, and 43) demonstrating the power of the movie tie-in.  Manga still tops the bookstore graphic novel charts taking 43 of the top 50 positions and Rurouni Kenshin #3 is still the best-selling graphic novel of 2004 so far with sales of over 33,000 copies.