Dark Horse VP Product Development David Scroggy shared his thoughts on the passing of Golden Apple's Bill Liebowitz (see 'In Memoriam:  Bill Liebowitz'):


I have been privileged to know Bill and his wife Sharon since my days at Pacific Comics. We were Bill's distributor when he first opened Golden Apple. As I observed the evolution of Golden Apple, I was also lucky enough to get to know Bill personally. From his world-class collection of accapella  doo-wop records to his mastery of the Duncan yoyo, Bill's passion and sense of fun infused both his hobbies and his business.


From day one, Bill distinguished himself as an insightful, enthusiastic and innovative industry leader. In the 1980's, as I was working on the development of the comics industry trade show affiliated with Comic-Con International, Bill was a key person behind the scenes, always contributing ideas and opinions of great value. He spoke at the show on more than one occasion, and was always an energetic attendee.


He must have played host to every artist and writer in comics at one time or another, and I'm sure that all would say that they were treated very well indeed.


As the comics industry changed over the years, Bill always kept Golden Apple ahead of the curve.


In every field there are leaders who are impossible to replace, and that is the case with comics retailing and Bill Liebowitz. He will be missed but never replaced.