Kandora creator C. Edward Sellner answers retailer Ilan Strasser's questions about new comic publisher Kandora Publishing's plans for staying on schedule (see 'Ilan Strasser of Fat Moose Comics on Kandora'):


Mr. Strasser, thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart.  Likewise to any others out there who may be slowly swaying our way, thanks for giving us a chance.  Not to mention the folks that have been sometimes gushing since announcement one!  What would we do without you?


I appreciate all of your comments and thoughts.  It may also interest people to know, on the pricing end, that our goal is to let things settle, get our routine down, and then to expand the successful books to maybe as many as 40 pages of story per issue, while keeping the price the same as it is now!  So, value will only increase as we go, at least, that's the plan.


As for keeping the books on time...  First and foremost, we are working well ahead of schedule, so that we have some grace time built in.  I've already written scripts for issues 3 of each of my titles, and mine are the later releases, meaning #1s will be released in May and June.  Art is well underway for #2 of each, etc.


Second, our artists are experienced Asian comic artists, mostly from Korea, and they are very used to working on titles with far more pages per month than U.S. comics.  So this deadline for them is not as unrealistic as some might think.  We are also using a good team approach, in terms of digital work, 3-D modeling, background artists and coloring teams to expedite production.  The point being, we should be able to produce an issue in a good chunk less than a month.


We recognize the value of on-time shipping and have a strong commitment to hitting every mark we set as far as release dates!  Of course, like all things there may come a day that something serious happens and we miss one, but when that day comes, we will do our best to make it up to our fans, and our retailers and ensure, that that is considered a very unusual fluke to a normally good, timely system.


And thanks to ICv2 for letting this dialogue happen.


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