N2 Toys, the innovative toy company that created the Matrix figures and many other toys aimed at collectors (see 'N2 Does the Fifth Element' and 'Wicked Men, You Face the Tick'), is set to release action figures and statues based on the Shi comic series created by Bill Tucci.  Tucci, who has self-published Shi from the very beginning, has created a fascinating hybrid of East and West in his central character of Shi, who is torn between the warrior traditions of her murdered Japanese father and the Christian teachings of her mother.  Years before manga became fashionable, Tucci was adopting elements of Japanese movie and comic culture into his own stirring comic book epic.  Now N2 is preparing to release the first assortment of Shi toys, which will include both Shi and her friend/enemy Tomoe.  Both figures are 6' tall and come with 5 point articulation.  Shi comes ready to fight with her highly detailed sword and naginaca.  Tomoe comes with her trademark removable cowl and two intimidating fans.  The first Shi assortment is set to release in the fourth quarter of 2001.


In the Spring of 2002, N2 Toys will release a highly detailed, 8' cold cast resin statue of Shi in a provocative crouch as if she were atop a building surveying her opponents from afar before engaging them.